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Documents Needed for Full Loan Approval

Documentation needed for Full Application and Final Loan Approval

This is a list of the documentation that most loans require for final loan approval.

Each loan is unique and may require additional information when life events such a divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure or short sale have occurred.

  • Most recent 2 Years W-2’s and/or 1099’s for all borrowers
  • Most recent 2 Years Federal Tax Returns with all schedules for all borrowers
  • (Down Payment Assistance programs require most recent THREE Years Tax returns and W-2’s)
  • Most recent 30 days paystubs for all borrowers
  • Most recent 2 month bank statements for checking and savings (all pages please)
  • Recent statements for any IRA, retirement, deferred comp or stocks (all pages please)
  • Copy of your photo ID (CA drivers license)
  • If you are refinancing, we will need a copy of your current mortgage loan payment coupon, a copy of your fire insurance declaration page showing coverage and annual premium and property tax bill